“I strongly recommend Ullis. She has helped me so incredible much in so
many different aspects. Her way of leading and guiding combined with
her warm personality makes me feel completely safe.”

Tailormade Programs

Unique Yogic Therapy Consultation

Yogic Therapy Consultation

An exclusive 2-hour session with a focus on yoga therapy – your well-being and any symptoms or challenges you might have in your life. You get the knowledge, insights and tools and your unique yoga practice – based on the philosophy and psychology of Yoga and Ayurveda (1000-year-old traditional Indian medicine).

This consultation gives you the opportunity to live your life in a way that is optimal for you, based on your unique body type composition.

It is for you who:
  • Have pain in body/mind/Spirit
  • Have sleeping problems
  • Have stress symptoms
  • Have hormonal imbalance
  • Want to know your body type and how you can live optimally according to it
  • Want to explore the world of Yoga and connect deeper to yourself
  • Longs for more energy
  • Desire to realign yourself in body/mind/Spirit

What you get:

  • Increased understanding and knowledge of your energy system (Chakra system).
  • Increased awareness of which specific chakras are out of balance.
  • Insight into your unique body type and how you create a life of balance and harmony based on it.
  • Tailored tools and exercises adapted to your body type and needs.

How: No previous experience needed

Where: LIVE online
Energy investment: € 333 for 2 hours
When your energy flows freely, you are healthy, vibrant and in flow.