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Intuitive Trauma and Stressrelease

Everything is energy

You are pure energy, as is your body. Everything is energy. When your energy flows freely, you are healthy, vibrant and in flow. You feel good and life is easy to navigate.

Energy that does not move freely gets stuck in your body and creates stress. Stuck energy affects body/mind/Spirit, it creates symptoms and an experience of not being at ease. Long time stuck energy creates diseases…

In this Intuitive bodywork and healing session, I tune into your body where energy is stuck and use the body to release it. This session aims to release and transform “frozen emotions”, pain, stress – and to restore you into your natural flow and state of being!

For who:

  • For you who feels stressed and/or stuck
  • For you who wants more flow
  • For you who are in pain (physical, mental, emotional)
  • For you who is curious to try something new
  • For you who is ready to let go of what no longer serves you

What you get:

  • Stress/emotional release and transformation
  • Activation of parasympathetic nervous system
  • More flow
  • Less pain
  • More of you

How: 90 minutes exclusive session IRL

Private Energy investment: € 333 incl. VAT
Business Energy investment: € 444 excl. VAT

When your energy flows freely, you are healthy, vibrant and in flow.


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