Ullis Karlsson

Ulrika Karlsson is an intuitive empath with a history of being depressed and suicidal.

She came to a point where she had to choose between Life or Death …
Today Ulrika shares her experiences and embodied wisdom from her Heart, with nearly 30 years of experience of traditional Western and Eastern Holistic disciplines. Her work as a Spiritual healer, International Author, Reader of the Akashic records, Medicine woman and Yoga teacher/therapist takes her around the globe, and she works with men and women of different ages, from all fields of life.

The essence of Ulrika´s work is to increase consciousness, and to guide you into your Heart. Her latest books “Holy F*ck and Sacred Water – the Secret Connections to Everything” and “The Sacred Soul – A Divine Evolution through Time and Space” are here to make a difference in your ascension process.

One of Ulrika´s gifts is to help you transform old “inner shit”, your karma, into flow and freedom, so you can be connected to who you are on a Soul level.

Her vision is simply to contribute to a more beautiful, conscious, and loving world.

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