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Master Yourself

Master Yourself

Master Yourself – The Holistic 1 year program Master Yourself starts on demand again LIVE online on Zoom, in June 2024, and finish May 2025

Numerologically, 2024 is an 8, which stands for “stirring the pot” – and the 8 is also the sign for limitless … Since everything is energy, Master Yourself is enhanced in the activation numerologically in the year of 2024 ( the 8).

In Master Yourself, you will be guided to a deeper connection to yourself – energetic aspects of self –  all that is you! You are given powerful tools, so you can balance yourself and create the life you want, a life of Mastery – where You become your own Master!

Master Yourself is for you who:

  • Is a “high achiever”
  • Experience imbalances in body/mind or spirit
  • Suffers from pain and/or stress
  • Feels depleted, disatiesfied and/or disconnected
  • Have sleeping disorders
  • Have hormonal imbalances
  • Wants to connect deeper into your body´s own inner wisdom and healing abilities
  • Experience “stuckness in life” (health, wellbeing, relations etc)
  • Desires to Master yourself, and different energetic aspectes of self
  • Longs for personal growth, and unity in body, mind and spirit
  • Longs for better sleep, and/or more energy, inner peace, balance and harmony in everyday Life

Results you get from Master Yourself:

    • Tools to influence and regulate energetic aspects of self
    • Increased insights and knowledge about your energetic system, and tools to Master yourself
    • Regulate your nervous system
    • Balance and Heal emotionally, physically and spiritually
    • Reduce pain and/or stress
    • Balance your Hormonal system
    • Raise awareness, strengthen and balance Yin & Yang (Feminine and Masculine)
    • Connect deeper with your inner wisdom, your higher self
    • Better sleep
    • More inner peace, flow and harmony
    • Streghten immunesystem
    • Improved circulation
    • A more balanced and happy life, a Mastery

Master Yourself aims to be a conscious upgrade in awareness as well as in your energetic system. It is an incredibly potent and powerful program to create balance and harmony – and also to reactivate your own inner healing ability in your energy centers (also called chakras), the Feminine/Masculine aspects, and much much more. No experience required!

All LIVE meetings aim to interact, connect and complement each other. As we are multidimensional beings, we work multidimensionally to create balance and navigate in an ever-changing world. On each occasion, we use various powerful tools, where both individual exercises – as well as couple exercises can occur. We also have the freedom to work intuitively with that energy, and the exercises that want to come through for the highest good of the individual and the group.

After each LIVE meeting, we maintain the momentum with various “home exercises” and weekly questions to reflect upon. This will take you deeper into your personal and spiritual growth.

Start June 2024, ending May 2025, Dates:

  1. Saturday 29th of June 9am-12pm MST/5-8pm CET – Module 1, Breath work. All human life starts with a Breath, as the breath is the foundation of Life, and this 1st module we explore the breath with different breath work techniques, and the impact your breath has on your Life.
  2. Saturday 27th of July 9am-12pm MST/5-8pm CET- Module 2, The Feminine & The Masculine, Yin & Yang. Here on Earth, energies stems from polarites of the Feminine and Masculine. In this 2nd module we explore the energies of Yin & Yang, and the importance of their merge for your health, wellbeing and Life…
  3. Saturday 31st of August 9am-12pm MST/5-8pm CET- Module 3, The Rootchakra. All life starts from the fertile soil of Mother Earth. In this 3rd module we explore the Rootchakra, the importance of grounding –  and also the impact your Rootchakra has on your Life.
  4. Saturday 28th of September 9am-12pm MST/5-8pm CET- Module 4, The Sexualchakra. No Life can exist without water. In this 4th module we explore the sexualchakra, water element, and the impact your sexuality/creativity has on your Life.
  5. Saturday 26th of October 9am-12pm MST/5-8pm CET- Module 5, The Solar plexus chakra. All Life also needs the energy of the sun which is related to the Solar plexus chakra …In this 5th module we explore your inner power related to this chakra, and the impact your inner power has on your Life.
  6. Saturday 23rd of November 9am-12pm MST/5-8pm CET- Module 6, The Heartchakra. Your Heart chakra is the center of your chakra system. But most of us are disconnected or shut off from our Hearts. In this 6th module we explore and connect to the Heartchakra, so we can live a life guided from the Heart.
  7. Saturday 28th of December 9am-12pm MST/5-8pm CET- Module 7, The Throatchakra. All communication from all chakras is expressed through the throat. In this 7th module we explore the inner/outer communication, and the impact it has on your Life.
  8. Saturday 25th of January 2025 9am-12pm MST/5-8pm CET- Module 8, The Third eye and the Crownchakra. In this 8th module we explore higher perspectives and energies, through the lens of the third eye and the crown chakra – and the impact these chakras have on your Life.
  9. Saturday 22nd of February 2025 9am-12pm MST/5-8pm CET- Module 9, All chakras. This 9th module is a dedication and exploration of all chakras and their connectedness – as well as the impact they have on your Life.
  10. Saturday 22th of March 2025 9am-12pm MST/5-8pm CET- Module 10, Ayurveda & Doshas. In this 10th module we explore the doshas, personality types, of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and the impact doshas have on your Life.
  11. Saturday 26th of April 2025 9am-12pm MST/5-8pm CET- Module 11, “Magical Mix”. In this 11th module the intution guides us into other expressions that might be a tool to Master yourself, your energy, and Life.
  12. Saturday 31st of May 2025 9am-12pmMST- Module 12, “Grand finale”. The 12th module is a wrap up, an opportunity to reflect upon this inner journey you have explored, of how to be the Master of your Life …


If you are ready for an upgrade, to get powerful tools and connect to your inner wisdom – so you can create a Life in balance, harmony and flow as well as an increased consciousness – then “Master Yourself” is for you!


Are you ready to become the Master of your own Life?

 Energy investment in Master Yourself:

Private: € 4444 incl. VAT

Company: € 5555 excl. VAT

 You can split the payment monthly for 12 months: Private € 444 | Company € 555 excl. VAT / month.


 Warmly Welcome on an inner journey to Master Yourself<3


Please note that registration is binding and the course fee is NOT refunded after the course has started. (Also applies to partial payment as the entire course fee must be paid regardless of whether you choose to complete Master Yourself or cancel)!


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