“When I started to attend on Ullis courses I had a lot of problems allowing
myself to rest and to relax, I was always very stressed. I also had a lot of
emotional luggage and my breathing was very shallow.”

Tailormade Programs

Karma Clearing

Imagine that you are completely aligned with your Divine and Sacred Souls Blueprint!

What would your life look like if you had full access to your vital life force energy?
How would it feel – and what experiences would you then choose in your life?

The Divine Source is the origin of all life and all creations. It has unlimited potential and our Souls are like ”pixels” created from Divine Source – where we all have free will.

The free will however, might be “clouded”, limited or programmed due to negative choices we have made in previous lifetimes – or in this lifetime. These choices and experiences are stored in the memory of our Soul. The more negative choices we have made, the more blocks we have, and the less access we have to vital force life energy – and Divine Source. In addition to keeping us alive, the vital life force energy is the fuel for creating the experiences we want.

If life force energy is in any way limited, our choices, and our whole life is automatically limited. The more life force we have access to – the greater is of course our ability to create our human experience. We are truly Divine creators in our own lives.

This Karma clearing clears the Soul’s stored blockages and Karma.

It aligns you with your Soul’s Divine Blueprint and also with your highest purpose. Karma Clearing is a very powerful tool – to give you access to more vital life force energy and Divine Source. With more access to vital life force energy you create new choices and new possibilities – and a whole new life.

This unique Karma clearing aligns you to be who you truly are at a Soul level!

How does it work?

  • With your approval, I enter your Akashic library where information is retrived from your Soul. I.e. from past negative choices you have made that still affects you and your life even today.
  • The Karma clearing takes between 7 to 10 hours to channel depending on the information your unique Soul is revealing. The gathering of information and preparations of the Karma clearing is done remote after your order.
  • Once the preparations is done you will get the result presented to you live online via Zoom. Booking for this feedback call that is done upon order.
Results  you will get
  • Insights and understanding of previous lifetimes and how they still affect your choices and your life today.
  • Your unique Divine Souls blueprint.
  • Tools to clear your Karma.
  • Alignment to your Souls purpose.
  • Access to more vital life force energy and Divine Source.
  • A complete reboot in your life.

Life changing!

Last week I got a Soul reading from Ullis Karlsson, and I have to say “WOW”.
She was spot on and what she shared made so much sense. That is always so cool when that happens. That doesn’t mean it change something in your life… BUT, something else happened, it was like I was activated and I had such inspiration to take actions on what she had shared and we had discussed. Now, almost effortless, I change one habit after the other – upgrading, shifting to live in alignment with my purpose. The actions come from joy this time. I do not know what she did, but something magical happened!!
Thank you Ulrika!! You are amazing!!
Your soul readings are life changing!

Tora Zophia Silverhøj

Life designer, author & podcast host, Denmark

My life changed totally!

I listened to Ulrika on a podcast. Something she said truly resonated with me, so I connected with her. That was the best decision I have ever made. Here I am, 9 months after my Karma clearing living the life of my dreams. Not only do I know my unique gifts, I also know how to handle my challenges. Now, I am aligned with who I am on a Soul level and how I create abundance in my life. I am so happy and grateful! If you too want your life to change for the better, connect with Ulrika!”


Business owner, Sydney, Australia

Welcome to book your Karma Clearing session to find out who you truly are, at a Soul level!