The Sacred Soul – A Divine Evolution through Time and Space

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The Sacred Soul – A Divine Evolution through Time and Space

Congratulations for holding “The Sacred Soul – A Divine Evolution through Time and Space” in your hands. You have unconsciously attracted her, and she has attracted you. Sacred Soul is Divinely channeled from the Akashic Records, for those of us who are ready to remember who we are at a Soul level – and why we have arrived at this planet.

This book is about the downfall and the ascension of our Sacred Soul. She comes in these challenging times with a mission to inspire, aid, hold space – and perhaps even challenge you – in your Divine evolution and ascension process. We all have the opportunity to ascend from the dense 3rd dimension to the Sacredness of the 5th dimension, and beyond. To do this, we need to clear out the old karmic programs and start to make new choices. The Sacred Soul gives you the awareness, tools and insights to be who you are at a Soul level.

Much of the information of the Sacred Soul has been forgotten or buried beneath layers of unconscious and deep programming. Sacred Soul is here to reclaim your Sacredness and to reactivate your inner dormant light codes. So, buckle up, connect to your Heart and open your mind. Let the journey and the remembrance begin …


The Sacred Soul is like an inner journey to get to know oneself on a new level. It has not just wisdom about who we are, meaning with life and our history – it sheds light on our programs and darker agendas of control. The knowledge about the Akashic records is a great tool to clear out karma so we can start to transform our reality and be free to live in a world that we would like to see in the future! Thank you Ullis for this amazing book!

Tora Z

Author & podcast host for Live the Impossible show

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Sacred Soul

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