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Spiritual Author 


Author of the international book 2:47 AM The Journey Home to My Heart.

A raw and vulnerable autobiography about my journey from mental illness and depression to an abundant happy Life. 

“Amazing book in so many ways. So courageous of you to share your life with such rawness and vulnerability. How precious and very much needed for others to take part of your journey.” – Sofia


Author of the international book The Sacred Soul – A Divine Evolution through Time and Space.

An interesting discovery about the origin of our soul and our souls real purpose. 

“The Sacred Soul is like an inner journey to get to know oneself on a new level. It has not just wisdom about who we are, meaning with life and our history – it sheds light on our programs and darker agendas of control. The knowledge about the Akashic records is a great tool to clear out karma so we can start to transform our reality and be free to live in a world that we would like to see in the future! Thank you Ullis for this amazing book!”

– Tora Z., Author & podcast host for Live the Impossible show

Co-author of the international book Holy F*ck and Sacred Water.

A bold, cocky, politically and socially incorrect book. You will either say, F*ck YES or it will totally piss you off. Or maybe even both!

“Holy F*ck is a great f*cking book. It´s raw, honest and dives right into the topics that have great importance in human lives at this point of time. But keep in mind it is only for the bold ones”. – Seram S

“Ullis is a warm and very competent Woman with Heartwarming compassion and knowledge. She meets you where you are and offers great guidance to help you improve your Health and Life, both Emotionally, Mentally and Physically. I can highly recommend Ullis Karlsson.”

Ulrika Dahlin –NLP and Hypnos Coach, Business owner

Do you work long hours and feel chronically tired?

Is work pressure affecting your performance?

Is getting motivated becoming a real challenge?

Do you feel a burnout is a real possibility?

About Ullis

Ullis brings 30 years of experience in health and personal development to teach people how to heal stress.She providing them with highly effective tailormade programs and the life tools needed to reduce stress, relax and achieve vital contemplation space.
Ullis is devoted to sharing with others the lessons learnt from surmounting extreme periods in her own life. The authentic wealth of her teachings is based on her passion for life and people, and her first-hand experience with adversity.
Ulrika Karlsson
Ullis can draw on a rich career during which she was a Physiotherapist. Preschool teacher, as well as a Personal Trainer. Additionally Ullis has been an Aerobics instructor, a Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist. Her expertize in Yoga allowed to evolve to Yoga mentor specializing in Conscious Breathing, Spiritual/Soul Coach and Educator.

On the personal front, she suffered a massive burnout, followed by depression, sleeping disorders, and for a time, was suicidal.

Ulrika Karlsson
Surmounting adversity, Ullis has been seen on different programs on national TV, been interviewed in more than 10 podcasts and multiple magazine articles. She is a public speaker, a workshop leader for Northern Europe’s biggest festivals and one of the experts in a prominent Swedish platforms for Experts-ABLE
Urika Karisson

Ullis Karlsson

Tailormade Programs

“Relax into Expansion”

I have been on two yoga retreats in Madeira and participated in anti-stress, medical yoga and holistic yoga/hormone yoga with Ullis since January 2015.

Before I met Ullis I used to have a lot of daily stress and no tool for how to handle my stress which lead to a lot of tensions, anger and pressure how to handle things in life.

Ullis and her way of teaching yoga has helped me reflect regarding myself and my needs in life. My self-esteem is much better and I dare to say No and listen to my needs before jumping into things. This has given me a lot of comfort in life and also helped me relieve stress and reduce my personal demands. Ullis is one of the best teacher in life that I have met. If you want to learn about mindfulness and embrace another perspective of how to live a less stressful life and increase your self-esteem, you should consider to start yoga for Ullis Karlsson.

Frida Lindqvist – Nutrition expert and Business Owner @helajag

Ullis Vision

Ullis Vision is to create a Happier, Healthier, Juicier and a more Loving and Divine world for us all to live in.
Her Values:
Love – Unconditional Love is a great force, a transformational power and a necessity to create sustainable change. Love conquers all and It all starts from within!
Courage – Comes from the French word “Coeur” meaning Heart. Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to change, to grow, to face your fears. Be brave, be You!
Easiness – Personal development can be challenging sometimes, then it is important to remember that everything is everchanging and it can make the “growth pain” easier. That I can face myself and others in ease.
Expansion – Continuously growing in every aspect of Life.
Togetherness – We can achieve so much more together, and it also more fun to be connected, to be together.