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Flow & Spark for Couples

Why is this intuitive and transformational session so important?

Many couples have issues to manage their energy, individually and together. Others lack connection and intimacy. Some might be consciously – or unconsciously – stressed and have lost the flow, and the spark in sex life. Others again, have lost the magical connection to oneself – and therefore also to the partner. There might be a miscommunication between you which hinder a deeper connection. Most of us settle with less – as we unconsciously believe “this is normal” ….

Flow & Spark is for couples who wants to:

  • Connect deeper within oneself, and also together.
  • Create a new flow in Body-Mind-Spirit – and in sexuality.
  • Ignite a new spark – in intimacy.
  • Improve communication.
  • Relax, Release and Receive – when we are stressed there is no room for flow or sparks. So first we need to relax, in order to release stress, stored trauma, suppressed emotions etc – then we have created a space where we receive flow, spark, a deeper connection, more intimacy – and more pleasure.

What you get:

  • A Safe container
  • 28+ years of experience to lead, coach, inspire and empower 1000´s of groups and individuals.
  • Intuitive and transformational tools and guidance from multiple Holistic disciplines (such as Tantra, Yoga, Healing modalities, applied Quantum physics etc)
  • A relaxed nervous system – which is the foundation for all change work.
  • Increased circulation and flow
  • A deep connection to Heart
  • More knowledge and insights in your energy system and how it works.
  • A deepened sense of connection and intimacy, within yourself and together with your partner

How: Come as you are, no experience is needed.

Where: At your place if possible – or on Zoom

Private Energy investment: € 444 incl. VAT / 90 minutes
Business Energy investment: € 667 excl. VAT / 90 minutes

In sacred service, to deepen the connection within yourself and to your partner


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