Åsa Waak

Entrepreneur, Business owner, KBT terapeut and Diet Expert at Åsa Waak.
My name is Åsa Waak,

I’m running my own business in areas such as well being and health, anti stress and life style.

I’ve known Ulrika for 4 years and have attended many of her yoga classes.

I’m very impressed with the way she runs her sessions, attending and seeing everyone that is joining her class. She’s an excellent teacher and class leader and I can whole heartedly recommend her sessions to anyone that considering working with her or to join her classes.

Camilla Ljungberg

My name is Camilla Ljungberg and I work as as artist.

I am participating in a 10 week course in Medical Yoga at the moment, and I have been doing Yoga with Ullis for 2 years now.

Before I started to come to Ullis classes I had a very low self esteem, and I was very tired and stressed out. I knew I had to move on in life but I didnt know how.

I have gotten very much help from Ullis, by her warm guidance and her expertise, through Breathing exercises, Yoga and by her wise words. I also have had individual talks with Ullis witch also have helped me a lot.

My headaches, and my pain in my neck and my back that I used to have often, are almost gone now.

I feel a lot calmer in life, and I have learned to listen more to my body, and into my Heart where I find my own answers. I am so much more Being me now than before, for this I am grateful.

I highly recommend anyone with pain, stress, or with a longer to me more calm and more of oneself to come to, or to work with Ullis!

Niklas D

Entrepreneur and Speaker
I had a calf which I had strained, whitch caused me great pain. I came to Ullis for healing. Ullis helped me by holding her hand on the calf and thereby identifying that something in the rest of my body needed to come out of my system. I remember her saying something like: “I hear someone inside of you screaming out loud”. The next day I felt really low when I woke up, I cancelled all my meetings. Stayed at home. Started meditating and fell into tears for more than hour. I just had to let go of a lot of sorrows I held at this point. When I had cried for an hour or more, I stood up. And to my surprise, my calf was no longer strained, and the pain was all gone…

What happened? I have no clue. But it helped. 😊 What Ullis did? I have no clue. But Ullis treatment helped, for sure and I was happy about that! And I don’t need to understand what happened, I can highly recommend Ullis and her healing abilities to others.

Ida Kristiansson

I have been participtaing in Holistic Yoga and Holistic Hormoneyoga courses with Ullis for 5 years.

Before I came to Ullis I suffered a lot from anxiety and panicattacks, I also had sleeping disorders, and problems of relaxing. On top of this, I was longing to become pregnant. After attending to Ullis yoga courses, my anxiety and panic attacks gradually disappeared. After 5 weeks on Ullis Hormone yoga courses, I finally, after many years longing for a baby got pregnant. I am so happy about that. I truly recommend Ullis and her Yoga, its deeply healing and makes me feel very relaxed.

Celia Gelinder

Celia Gelinder, studying to become a Yogateacher.

I have participated in Ullis Hormoneyoga for a couple of years. When I started to attend on Ullis courses I had a lot of problems allowing myself to rest and to relax, I was always very stressed. I also had a lot of emotional luggage and my breathing was very shallow. The biggest reason why I started was though that I wanted to become pregnant, we had tried IVF for 4 years. Through Ullis warm and beautiful guidance I learned how to improve my breathing more and to allow my body to go into deep relaxation. I also experienced Ullis yoga as extremly liberating emotionally and that even some physical pain in my back also was released. I have become so much better at listening into my body, and what it needs. After participating in 1 year within the Hormone yoga course I finally managed to get pregnant. I strongly recommend Ullis. She has helped me so incredible much in so many different aspects. Her way of leading and guiding combined with her warm personality makes me feel completely safe, that everything is ok and that I can release whatever needs to be released.

Maria Dominguez

I am participating in Inbildningen the 9 months long education in Personal development. Before this I suffered from a severe headtrauma, anxiety and pain in my body.

I like Yoga so much when I am surrendering and allowing myself to be guided by Ullis.

Ullis ´s words went straight to my Heart, ComPassion – Come Passion. I invite passion in my life now and I open my heart to it.

Inbildningen has given me new knowledges, insights, recognition, challenges, acknowledgements, connection and experience on several aspects.

Physical aspects
My body is stronger and more flexible. I have less pain in my body.

Mental aspects
My brain is better oxygenated, my ability to focus is both easier and increased. New insights. Increased ability for inner reflection.

Emotional aspects
Release of worries and anxiety.

I feel connectedness and safe. Increased ability both to express myself and also to listen to others.

I am curious in what will come in the echo of Inbildningen.

Jessica Johansson

Student Health
Jessica Johansson, Head over Student Health, South district in Stockholm.

My name is Jessica and I have participtaed in a Yogaretreat in Marocko with Ullis, and also her 9 -month long education, an transformative inner journey in Personal development called ”Inbildningen”. When I first met Ullis I felt quite stressed, and I had and low energy.

This education has really deepen my knowledges about Yoga, and the Holistic perspective on my body and mind. I have through this education landed more and more into myself, who I am and that I am being good enough. I have also been given tools to handle stress, and my life.

I warmly recommend Ullis and all her work, as a Teacher and a guide, with her deep wisdom and understanding within the Yogic psychology and philosophy and how she is sharing this with others.

Mia Sommar

Business owner, studying to become massage therapist
Mia is my name and I have been participating in Anti stress Yoga, Hormone Yoga with Ullis. I have also been to Sicily on one of Ullis many Yogaretreats. I am currently participating in Ullis 9 -months long programme, a transformative inner journey in personal growth called ”Inbildningen”. Focus here is to go inwards and to balance and reconnect with different aspects of me, such as My inner Feminine and Masculine, my chakras etc.

This is the kind of Life knowledge and wisdom I have been looking for but not found before.

When I came to Ullis I was very stressed, always being the ”good girl”, always pressing and pushing myself to hard. Being very harsh on myself. Life has always felt like a big struggle.

During this education- I have come to realize that I need to change direction in my life. To find and to maintain balance that is sustainable for me. Ullis, her Yoga, and her profound wisdom and knowledge of Life came into my Life with such an importance, and at the perfect time for me. I am so so happy and glad for meeting Ullis and her Yoga, and I give her my best and warmest recommendations.

Christina Leilupo

Entrepreneur, Business owner and Management Leadership Consultant and Coach at Operativ utveckling.
My name is Christina Leilupo. I am an Entrepreneur and Business owner and I work as an Leadership Consultant and Coach. I contacted Ullis 1,5 year ago because I needed help to focus both private and also in my business. We did Yoga and Coaching for the Heart which helped me to increase my Consciousness through Yoga and talks with Ullis.

I feel that I am emotionally calmer and more and better focused in my business after meeting with Ullis.

Ullis is very knowledgable and competent both as an Yoga Teacher as well as a Coach.

Her warm soft presence gives confidence of her being calm and very trustworthy. I have also created joined workshops with Ullis. They were very successful and popular, and she is easy to cocreate with.

I warmly recommend Ullis and her work both to companies, and organisations as well as to private customers

Lina Sjönerg

Sales Agent with a big Hotel chain
I have been participating in courses in Medical Yoga with Ullis for 5 years.

Before I met Ullis I had a lot of panicattacks and anxiety, I felt depressed, and I had difficulties of relaxing in my body and problems of being present. I also had problem with my stomach.

First time I came in contact with Ullis was when I booked a private Yogic Consultation with her. Already on this call I felt that she really understood my situation, and my feeling was also that she genuinely wanted to help me. She gave me taylormade easy yogic exercises to practice at home and this was my first contact with Yoga.

Ullis warmth, her soft energy, and her beautiful soothing voice, together with all the different exercises has really healed me and given me a completly new perspectice on Life.

I feel so much better nowadays, since I started to Yoga with Ullis. I have a better self esteem and self worth, I feel more secure in myself and I am handling Life so much better than ever before.

Ullis is an absolutely fantastic Human Being. She is always so nice, very considerate and caring. Her personality is very warm and engaging and she is very professional.

Her voice and her teachings are extraordinary and I recommend Ullis very much. If you get the chance to Yoga with Ullis, just grab the opportunity.

Anna-lena Carlsson

Payroll Administrator
My name is Anna-Lena and I work as a payroll administrator in an American Company.

Its now 5 years since I came in contact with Ullis and her Yoga I was being ordinated Yoga by my doctor, after feeling low on energy for a longer period of time. So after a long time feeling very stressed, I also started to feel anxious and worried. I had problems being social with others, and I was having sleeping disorders. I was always tired and felt exhausted all the time.

A friend of mine recommended Ullis, and on our first phone call I immediately felt confidence for Ullis. She felt very relaxed/calm, safe and secure and she has many many years of experience, and expertise, within this field. Ullis knows herself whats its like not feeling good about oneself.

After these 5 years I have come to realize that my Breathing is of vital importance for my wellbeing. I always feel a lot calmer and more relaxed, and safe within after Yoga with Ullis. I dont feel I need to perform so much as I used to and my view upon myself and life is more relaxed. Ullis and her Yoga has given me tools to find myself. Ullis warm presence and soft voice has helped me into more relaxation and more calmness in Life.

To Yoga with Ullis is truly an investment for the future! I really recommend Ullis and her work.

Saga Fröjd Lee

Lawyer in a Goverment Institution
I am currently joining Ullis 9-months deep transformative personal development course called ”Inbildning” right now. I have also been too several yogaretreats with Ullis in different places in Europe.

I´m doing all this courses in personal development to pamper myself, I don´t really have any big issues, but some occational stress due to work.

The way Ullis is guiding Breathing exercises, and the importance of Breathing is vital. Its a big key. For me, the experience of Breathing is heavenly. When I get stressed I know how to get calm. So nowadays I feel a lot calmer at work and at home with my family, which feels great.

I´m very glad to attend to Ullis courses, and I am also very happy to be able to recommend Ullis and her different yoga groups, if you get the chans to join any of them, just do it! I give her a 10 out of 10 :o)

K. Larsson

I started a 10 weeks course in Hormone Yoga with Ullis 2014. I was at this time ”burned out” and depressed. Yoga, under the guidence by Ullis has been, and still is, a part of my process of resting, healing and to regain strength.

I have also participated in several Yoga retreats to Madeira with Ullis, and there are so deeply healing to me.

To get this experienced and professional guidence by Ullis, and to listen to her soft warm voice, is just amazing. To be able to go so deep into myself is equal to a deep transformative inner education-where I get to reconnect and to get to know my body, my thoughts, myself anew – and that I am a part of something greater than myself. This feeling is so great, thanks to Ullis unique ability to get people to get to know their deep inner selves, and I feel very grateful for this.

Ullis is providing me with the tools for handling myself, in everyday life. And I can recommend Ullis with my whole Heart for anybody who is interested in personal development, or anybody who needs tools for handling life itself.

Jasmin A.,

Bulding site Coordinator
I have been in Ullis 90 days Yogacoaching, whitch I am now pausing from because I am currently in Ullis 9-months long inner education called ”INbildningen”.

Problems I had before I met Ullis was a lot of stress, family relationship issues, low self esteem, not connected with my body at all. I have always been the ”good girl” and the high achiever.

Ullis is guiding me, and make me understand the importance of conscious Breathing, through guided meditation, excercises especially designed for me, to make me better handle challenges at home and at work.

I have recieved many tools to help me connect with my body and inner emotions on a daily basis. I am in a process that will continue for quite a while, since I just startted with the )-months long programme, but with Ullis words and sometimes harsh reality checks it is easier and possible to stay (or get back to) the course that will take me to a better place within myself.

I recommend everyone who wants to live a life in connection with themselves and let go of the superficial unhappy wheel of fire that we call life, to invest! Invest your time and give yourself the chance to be happy from within, with Ullis and she will lovingly and wisely mentor and guide you through it. It might nog always be easy but thats when we grow!

Mikael Säflund

Owner of Consciousness Technologies AB
I participated in a Yoga course with Ullis Karlsson as a teacher. The course was only for tensed men. I also worked with Ullis when we were co-coaches in a Goal Mapping course for children.

Before I participated in the Yoga course I was extremely tensed and had difficulties with my breathing, my sleep, and tension in my body. I had a fast and shallow breathing coming from my stressful living.

Ullis fantastic coaching and awareness was wonderful to experience and I really learned how to manage my breathing in order to relax more in my daily life. The soft Yoga combined with relaxing and conscious breathing softens my tensed body totally. I’m very impressed from Ullis warm and professional teaching. She’s a extraordinary talented teacher and I’m grateful for the results I gained from working with her.

Ullis and me also coached children in Goal Mapping at a school. GM is about creating goals and reaches them. Ullis did a tremendous good job coaching the children and helped them to focus. During the lesson she sometimes exercised them so they could concentrate better. I must say Ullis is a very talented and professional person who really is 100% committed in her work.

I warmly recommend Ullis courses.

Frida Lindqvist

Nutrition expert and Business Owner @helajag
I have been on two yoga retreats in Madeira and participated in anti-stress, medical yoga and holistic yoga/hormone yoga with Ullis since January 2015.

Before I met Ullis I used to have a lot of daily stress and no tool for how to handle my stress which lead to a lot of tensions, anger and pressure how to handle things in life.

Ullis and her way of teaching yoga has helped me reflect regarding myself and my needs in life. My self-esteem is much better and I dare to say No and listen to my needs before jumping into things. This has given me a lot of comfort in life and also helped me relieve stress and reduce my personal demands. Ullis is one of the best teacher in life that I have met. If you want to learn about mindfulness and embrace another perspective of how to live a less stressful life and increase your self-esteem, you should consider to start yoga for Ullis Karlsson.

Marie Ahnfors

I have participated in the 3 months Yoga Coaching with Ullis.

Before I entered this Yoga Coaching I had problem with the sciatic nerve, panicattacks, anxiety, a lot of worries, sleeping disorders, low energy to life, close to being a burn-out, and being close to depression.

Now I hardly have any problems with my sciatic nerve. Panic attacks are really rare. My anxiety and worries has transformed into feeling more peaceful and in harmony. My sleep is both longer and deeper than before. My energy for life has increased. The risk of being a burn-out has decreased as has the depression symptoms. I have energy now for planning and dealing with my life. I have enhanced the quality of my relationships with other people a lot. My fear for other people has decreased and my social skills has increased. I feel more confident in myself and on how to relate to the world around me. That is also another contributing factor for feeling more peaceful and harmonious. I feel so much more at ease when my sciatic nerve pain is gone.

I can really recommend Ullis Yoga Coachning. It has made a huge and invaluable difference in my life both for my body and my soul. I have been given help to build a new and complete different and good platform for the rest of my life. Both the method and the teacher (Ullis) are so fantastic. It has been very liberating to be in this Coaching programme with Ullis.